Stabilisers & Oil

 Product Description & Format
Sponge & Cake Stabiliser
A versatile sponge and cake stabiliser in paste form. Has very fast aeration and gives cakes and sponges excellent volume, fine structure, a delicious taste and exceptional shelf life.                                                 

96123 SBM SP Paste 5Kg
Cream Stabilisers
Whipped cream stabiliser that will enhance the stability of fresh cream for cakes and pastry fillings. Ideal for mousse and tiramisu.

96213 SBM Antarctic De-Lite Chocolate 4Kg
96214 SBM Antarctic De-Lite Neutral 4Kg
96251 SBM Stable Cream Tiramisu 4Kg
 Tin Greasing Oil
A milk-like emulsion used as a pan-release agent. It prevents developed doughs from sticking to baking tins and trays.

96065 SBM TG Oil 20Lt