Bakery Premixes

 Product Description & Format
 Brownie Mix
 A rich chocolate brownie mix, simply add water and nuts (e.g. walnuts).
96006 SBM Bonza Brownie 12.5Kg
96007 SBM Bonza Brownie 25Kg
 Cake Donut
A complete mix with excellent flavour and optimal fat absorption. Ideally suited for both automatic donut machines and hand drop equipment.

96023 SBM Magic Cake Donut 25Kg
96037 SBM Magic Cake Donut 12.5Kg
 Cheesecake Mix
 A rich cheesecake filling with a splash of lemon. Ideal for sliced fresh or baked cheesecakes.

96149 SBM La Crème Cheesecake Mix 12.5Kg

 Chicken Pie Premix
 A complete chicken pie premix. Simply add minced chicken meat and boil.

96167 SBM Chicken Pie Mix 12.5Kg

 Chiffon Cake Mix

 Produces Asian style chiffon cakes, possessing exceptional volume with strong close texture and excellent shelf life.

96044 SBM Grandy Chiffon Vanilla 12.5Kg

 Chocolate Hedgehog Mix
 A rich hedgehog slice made from a combination of scotch finger biscuits and chocolate. It can be baked or set cold.

96076 SBM Ezi Hedgehog Mix 12.5Kg

 Choux Paste
 A complete choux paste mix needs only the addition of water to produce light and consistent quality puffs and èclairs.

96029 SBM Choux Paste 12.5Kg

 Coconut Slice Mix
 Premium mix for coconut macaroons and coconut slices.

96033 SBM Bounty Coconut Slice 12.5Kg

 Crème Cake Base
 A crème cake mix which gives excellent volume and a smooth texture. Ideal for a variety of flavours, colours, fruits and nuts, or just plain. Suitable for carrot cakes, banana cakes and fruit cakes.

96221 SBM Alpine Crème Cake Base 12.5Kg

 Croissant Concentrate

 A concentrate to be added to your bakers flour which produces excellent quality croissants.

96101 SBM Croissant Concentrate 50/50 15Kg

 Custard Tart Mix
 Excellent flavoured, smooth textured baked custard filling that is easy to pour.

96013 SBM CTM-A Custard Tart 12.5Kg
96012 SBM CTM-A Custard Tart 25Kg

 Florentine Base Mix
 Fine powdered bakery mix for the manufacture of florentines.

96250 SBM Florentine Base Mix 12.5Kg
96249 SBM Florentine Base Mix 4Kg


 Ice Cream Cone Mix
 A premix that produces delicious and consistent quality ice cream cones. Ideal for a variety of ice creams and can also be used for other cone wrapped products.

96224 SBM Ice Cream Cone Mix 12.5Kg
 Instant Custard Mix
 A smooth and well flavoured instant custard which is suitable for a wide range of applications. It has a firm setting and is freeze thaw stable. Available in premium ("Crema") and standard variety.

96008 SBM Crema 25Kg
96011 SBM Crème Deluxe 25Kg
96010 SBM Crème Deluxe 12.5Kg

 Instant Mousse Mix
 An instant mousse mix that is easy and can form a filling, topping or dessert in one-step.

96236 SBM Instant Chocolate Mousse 12.5Kg
96182 SBM Instant Strawberry Mousse 12.5Kg
96237 SBM Instant Vanilla Mousse 12.5Kg

 Lamington Dip
 A premium lamington dip with the benefit of quick setting and optimal absorption.

96017 SBM Topcoat Chocolate 12.5Kg

 Marshmallow Whip
 Liquid whip that is easy to use and produces delicious and light marshmallows.

96166 SBM Marshmallow Whip 12.5Kg
 Meat Pie Mix
 A complete meat pie mix with excellent thickening ability that delivers superior flavour.

96024 SBM Primo Pie Mix 12.5Kg
96120 SBM Primo Pie Mix 25Kg

 Meringue Mix
 Simple to use and ideal for cold or boiled meringues, and meringue pie toppings.

96232 SBM Meringue Mix 1Kg
 Mud Cake
 A rich choclate flavoured mud cake available in white ("Alpine") and dark chocolate.

96006 SBM Richi Mud 12.5Kg
96007 SBM Richi Mud 25Kg
96050 SBM Alpine Mud 25Kg

 Muffin Mix
 A variety of quality muffin mixes are available, including a complete muffin mix, crème cake muffin mix (add oil & egg) and a low-fat muffin mix.

96036 SBM Rippa Muffin 12.5Kg (complete)
96135 SBM Crème Cake Muffin Mix 15Kg
96142 SBM Low Fat Muffin Mix 12.5Kg

 Pancake Mix
 Easy to make, light, golden and delicate pancakes, pikelets or flapjacks.

96022 SBM Royal Deluxe Pancake Mix 12.5Kg

 Pretzel Mix
 Produces excellent pretzels whether using the 'no-time' or the traditional 'time dough' method.

96109 Le Active Pretzel Mix 12.5Kg

 Sausage Roll Mix
 A mix to enhance taste and prevent shrinkage of sausage rolls during the baking process. Additional flavours can be added to suit your tastes.

96055 SBM Sausage Roll Premix 12.5Kg
 Scone Mix
 Both buttermilk and plain versions offer excellent volume and light texture.

96003 SBM Satin Scone 25Kg
96104 SBM Buttermilk Scone 12.5Kg

 Sponge Mix
 Light, fine textured sponges with excellent volume and flavour. Ideal for lamingtons and sponge cakes of all varieties.

96002 SBM Maxy Sponge 25Kg
96001 SBM Mighty Sponge 25Kg
96084 SBM Mighty Sponge 12.5Kg

 Steam Bun Mix
 Produce excellent steam buns by simply adding yeast, oil and water.

96244 SBM Steam Bun Mix 12.5Kg
 Swiss Roll Mix
 A fine textured sponge mix designed for excellent swiss rolls with no cracks.

96004 SBM Ezi Rollette 12.5Kg

 Tortilla Mix
 Simple and easy to make tortilla flat bread.

96248 SBM Tortilla Mix 12.5Kg
 Utility Cake Mix
 A versatile cake mix that will carry a variety of fruit and nuts. Ideal for cupcakes, fruit slices and bar & block cakes of all kinds.

96121 SBM U.T. Plus 25Kg
96083 SBM U.T. Plus 12.5Kg

 Vanilla Slice Mix
 Excellent vanilla flavoured custard used for the production of all bakery custards including traditional custard tarts and french vanilla slice. Also ideal for combining with fresh or mock cream to be used in profiteroles, cream puffs and sponges.

96086 SBM Vanilla Slice 12.5Kg

 Vietnamese Crepe Mix
(Bánh Xèo)
 Simply add water to create the traditional Vietnamese crepe.

96246 SBM Vietnamese Pancake (Bánh Xèo) 12.5Kg

 Waffle Mix
 Delicious and easy to make waffles. Ideal for use in waffle machines as well as hand dropped.

96240 SBM Waffle Mix 12.5Kg

 Yeast Raised Donut
 A  yeast raised donut mix which produces excellent volume and flavour with optimal fat absorption.

96094 SBM Miracle YRD 12.5Kg